Narwal Litigation LLP is a leading Vancouver law firm devoted to White Collar Criminal Defence Advocacy and complex criminal litigation. We have been named to the prestigious 2024-25 Canadian Lawyer’s Top Criminal Law Boutiques. Canadian Lawyer Magazine conducted an exhaustive research study to identify and showcase the industry’s top performers. In this thorough assessment, we emerged as a leading Criminal Law Firm. Canadian Lawyer Magazine’s 30+ strong Intelligence Unit determined the winners by following a rigorous process, which included interviewing objective industry professionals, conducting extensive research and peer review.

Our practice is led by Joven Narwal KC who was named “White Collar Crime Enforcement Litigator of the Year” by Benchmark Litigation. He, and his team, have earned an outstanding track record of success in precedent-setting white collar crime cases ranging from the successful defence of a senior Canada Revenue Agency employee charged with tax evasion to a full acquittal following twenty-seven days of trial in a high profile immigration fraud prosecution, an acquittal for regulated professionals charged with sexual assault to the dismissal of fraud allegations made by the B.C. Securities Commission to the successful resolution of the largest criminal securities prosecution in B.C. history to a variety of other high-profile hearings and appeals. We also have been involved in many other cases where we have successfully engaged in pre-charge advocacy to prevent the issuance of public allegations or the laying of charges. Our firm has a proven track record of success in criminal organization cases involving drug and money-laundering offences, homicides ranging from first-degree murder to manslaughter and other serious personal injury offences such as sexual assaults.

As part of our commitment to remain on the cutting edge of White Collar Criminal Defence Advocacy, Mr. Narwal is an Adjunct Professor at the Peter A. Allard School of Law at the University of British Columbia, where he created and teaches an upper-level seminar on White Collar Crime and complex criminal litigation. His knowledge of issues arising in White Collar cases is wide-ranging and extends from the process of investigating, prosecuting, and defending such cases to the challenges posed by overlapping regulatory, administrative, and civil proceedings and the asymmetrical application of constitutional rights in the various forums.

Our firm is retained after a variety of triggering events such as the receipt of a whistleblower communication alleging misconduct to allegations raised in the media or by auditors or management to the receipt of administrative demands for information from a variety of enforcement agencies, notices of complaint made to self-governing professional bodies, as well as the execution of search warrants and following arrests. Our experience covers a wide variety of allegations relating to:

  • High Yield Investment Fraud: i.e. Ponzi schemes; pyramid schemes; prime bank schemes; advanced fee fraud; hedge fund fraud; commodities fraud; foreign exchange fraud; broker embezzlements; late-day trading; mortgage fraud.
  • Corporate Fraud: ie. falsification of financial records; self-dealing, including insider trading; kickbacks; backdating of executive stock options; misuse of corporate property.
  • Market Manipulation: ie. pump and dump schemes; short selling; dissemination of false information.
  • Trust Account Misappropriation: ie. misuse of trust funds by professionals.
  • Tax Evasion and Fraud.
  • Other offences under the Securities Act, Income Tax Act, Excise Tax Act, Customs Act, Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, Competition Act, Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act, Motor Vehicle Act, Insurance Vehicle Act, Fisheries Act, Canadian Environmental Protection Act, and the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act.

We also have extensive experience and a proven track record of success in cross-border enforcement actions and investigations.

Given our credentials, notable experience and skill at litigating complex and sophisticated White Collar cases, we are sought after for and equally comfortable in providing preventative advice and representation on regulatory compliance matters as we are in providing forceful and effective representation at trials, hearings and appeals. We have built busy and successful litigation and compliance practices in the following areas which complement our White Collar Crime practice:

We are responsive, accessible and committed to our clients 24/7 and can be reached outside of regular business hours to address urgent matters in real time. To learn more about Joven Narwal and his team, visit his profile.