Our practice is devoted to defending persons charged with criminal and quasi-criminal offences and extends to professional disciplinary proceedings, administrative hearings, and civil matters with criminal overtones involving fraud or intentional tortious conduct. We also have substantial experience and a busy practice in personal injury litigation. We have handled complex and serious cases where the stakes have included the liberty and reputation of an individual, the constitutionality of laws, compensation for injured parties and large financial losses.

We bring the same intensity to our other practice areas as we do to defending our clients’ liberty. We believe in working as hard as we can for our clients in order to obtain for them the benefit of every possible legal remedy. To do this, we raise every issue, advance every argument and ask every question which, in our professional judgment, will benefit our client. We strive for inspired and cost-effective representation. What we ask in return is that our clients keep their promises to us, just as we keep our promises to them.

As we care deeply for the law and its advancement, we accept civil rights cases which advance the public’s interest in social justice. We are also committed to the principle of equal access to justice to persons of limited means. Thus, in keeping with the best and noblest traditions of the legal profession, we accept a limited number of pro bono and legal aid matters on a case by case basis.