Joven Narwal is the founder of Narwal Litigation LLP, an Adjunct Professor at UBC Law, Past President of the Vancouver Bar Association, and a former Crown prosecutor. Motivated by the highest standards of professionalism and an ambition to succeed, Joven Narwal has a proven track record of success providing effective, forceful and sensible representation at all levels of Court and before provincial regulators such as the BC Securities Commission and professional disciplinary bodies on a wide-variety of criminal, administrative and regulatory matters. He has a proven track record of success at trial, hearings and on appeals and is also often retained at the investigation stage where he has successfully employed strategies to prevent the laying of charges or the issuance of citations altogether thereby resolving cases before they ever draw public scrutiny. His practice extends beyond criminal, administrative and professional disciplinary matters to civil matters with criminal overtones involving fraud and intentional tortious conduct as well as cases involving civil forfeiture, civil rights or constitutional violations by the government. He is also regularly retained to provide preventative advice to corporate clients regarding the implementation of effective compliance procedures designed to reduce exposure to regulatory prosecution as well as to provide advice to corporations and institutions in connection with their obligations in responding to warrants, judicial authorizations and other law enforcement requests for information.

Litigation Success

Mr. Narwal has successfully litigated a wide-range of cases, including:

  • Winning an acquittal in the largest and most complex conspiracy and criminal organization case in British Columbia history.
  • Successfully defending a wide variety of professionals in the financial industry, health and legal professions who are under investigation by their regulatory bodies and by criminal enforcement authorities, including for a lawyer who we successfully defended at a full hearing before the Law Society of British Columbia involving an allegation of offering false testimony.
  • Successfully defending many individuals and corporations under investigation for offences under the Securities Act for offences such as market manipulation, illegal distributions, trading without registration, and insider trading in a manner that did not result in enforcement action being taken or criminal charges being laid, including for clients who are executives and directors of prominent publicly traded companies.
  • Successfully litigating civil actions arising from domestic and internationally based Ponzi-schemes and several large-scale internal embezzlements in a manner that did not result in a civil judgment or criminal charges being laid.
  • Successfully mounting constitutional challenges to legislation in the context of criminal prosecutions, including for a client charged with prostitution related criminal offences which resulted in the termination of the high-profile prosecution.
  • Successfully challenging the use of covert online investigations in a manner that has led to the termination of a high-profile prosecution.
  • Successfully mounting challenges to the interception of private communications through conventional wiretap means and through online messaging platforms which have led to the termination of prosecutions.
  • Successfully arguing the breach of our clients’ constitutional rights in precedent setting cases, including successfully challenging the conduct of wide-spread and pervasive video-surveillance within residential complexes.
  • Successfully obtaining leave to appeal a multi-million dollar disgorgement order made by the BC Securities Commission and then successfully appealing the order;
  • Successfully litigating complex criminal prosecutions under the Securities Act.
  • Winning acquittals at trial in cases involving serious personal injury offences and which included parallel civil actions including acquittals at trial for clients charged with assault causing bodily harm arising in the sporting context and successfully defending the parallel civil actions.
  • Successfully defending individuals in drug cases ranging from possession to importation to trafficking, including winning acquittals at trial or dismissals following successful constitutional challenges;
  • Earning wide and varied experience successfully litigating complex cases involving sophisticated investigative techniques such as undercover operations, wiretaps, other types of electronic surveillance, search warrants, and Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty requests.
  • Successfully defending a wide-variety of criminal prosecutions under statutes other than the Criminal Code and many other types of criminal prosecutions and civil cases with criminal overtones including civil forfeiture actions, civil actions arising from foreign criminal judgments and civil actions for breaches of contracts calling for criminal rates of interest.

Experience & Academic Success

Mr. Narwal began his career as a Crown prosecutor before pursuing his long-cherished ambition to start a boutique high performance law firm dedicated to high stakes litigation in downtown Vancouver. He received a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Laws from the University of British Columbia where he earned many awards for academic achievement and a Master of Laws from Columbia University in New York City. For several years, he has been an Adjunct Professor at the University of British Columbia, Faculty of Law, where he teaches a course of his own design entitled “White Collar Crime”. Additionally, as a previous winner of awards at trial advocacy competitions at the regional and national levels while in law school, Mr. Narwal coaches law students in the competitions. In addition to his active involvement in academia, he remains committed to providing practical continuing legal education to lawyers, frequently being invited to speak at seminars and at conferences.

Leadership In The Legal Profession

Mr. Narwal holds leadership positions in the legal profession. He is Past President of the Vancouver Bar Association (the “VBA”). In November of 2012, Mr. Narwal was elected by his peers to serve as a director of the VBA, in 2014 became Vice-President, and in 2015 became the VBA President. Established in 1892, the Vancouver Bar Association is a non-profit organization serving the interests of the 1500-plus lawyers that practice in the city of Vancouver. Its mission is to advance, protect, and uphold the honor and dignity of the profession by encouraging high-standards of education and ethics as well as by fostering harmonious relations among its members.

Mr. Narwal was nominated and elected Life Fellow of the Fellows of the American Bar Foundation (ABF). Established in 1955, the ABF is a global honorary society of lawyers, judges, law faculty, and scholars whose public and private careers have demonstrated outstanding dedication to the highest principles of the legal profession and to the welfare of their communities. Members are nominated by their peers and elected by the Board of the ABF. Membership as a Fellow in the ABF is limited to one percent of lawyers licensed to practice in each jurisdiction.

He is also appointed to the Advisory Committee to the Judicial Council of British Columbia, which is the primary source of information for assessing the suitability of lawyers who seek appointment as Judges of the Provincial Court of British Columbia. He is also a member of the American Bar Association, the Canadian Bar Association, the Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia and the National Association of Criminal Defence Lawyers.

Selected Honours and Awards

Law Foundation of British Columbia Scholarship; J.S.D. Tory Prize in Advocacy; Attorney General’s Prize for Best Overall Advocate, Peter Burns Trial Competition; Winner, Peter Burns Trial Competition; Prize for Best Examination-in-Chief, Sopinka Cup National Trial Advocacy Competition, sponsored by theAmerican College of Trial Lawyers; Third Place, Sopinka Cup National Trial Advocacy Competition, sponsored by the American College of Trial Lawyers;Second Place, Macintyre Cup, Western Canada Trial Competition; John and Annie Southcott Memorial Prize for Exceptional Research; First-Class Distinction, Bachelor of Arts; Dean’s List, University of British Columbia; British Columbia Provincial Scholarship.