Given our credentials, and proven track record of success in high-stakes regulatory / criminal cases, we are uniquely capable of providing effective and forceful representation to entities facing informal and formal inquiries, and litigation brought by, the Competition Bureau, on the full spectrum of potential allegations, including:

  • Bid-Rigging
  • Price-Fixing, Cartel Agreements, and other Customer/Market Allocation & Output Restriction Conspiracies
  • Offshore Conspiracies
  • False or Misleading Representations, Deceptive Marketing, and Anti-Spam Legislation
  • Multi-Level Marketing, Pyramid selling
  • Obstruction, Failure to Notify and Contravention of Orders

For entities who are under scrutiny, or fear scrutiny, by the Bureau, we have conducted internal investigations, provided advice on voluntary responses, advised on the Immunity and Leniency programs, and have taken proactive steps to design and implement policies and protocols in the event search warrants are executed by the Bureau. We also advise on Section 11 orders which compel testimony and the production of documents/data, written returns, etc., and provide around the clock real-time advice in the event search warrants are executed.

In defending our clients in Competition / Anti-Trust Litigation, we mount constitutional challenges to yet untested provisions of the Act, challenge the interception of private communications, mount challenges based on the doctrine of abuse of process to the use of compulsion powers under the Act, challenge search warrants, and raise every other issue, advance every argument and ask every question which, in our professional judgment, will benefit our client.

We bring the same around the clock responsiveness, accessibility, commitment and intensity to our Competition / Anti-Trust cases as we do to our other practice areas.