The proliferation of economic sanctions as an instrument of foreign policy has created a volatile climate for entities with assets and business operations abroad. Our Economic Sanctions and International Trade Regulation practice grew as a natural complement to our international white collar defence practice given our credentials, experience, and skill at navigating high-stakes transnational criminal and regulatory investigations and enforcement actions.

We have extensive experience with the complex archipelago of treaties, legislation, regulations, surveillance, and enforcement mechanisms to combat money laundering, corruption and advance geopolitical/diplomatic agendas such as Canadas domestic laws that authorize the imposition and enforcement of sanctions through the following federal legislation:

• United Nations Act

• Special Economic Measures Act

• Justice for Victims of Corrupt Foreign Officials Act

• Export and Import Permits Act

• Freezing Assets of Corrupt Foreign Officials Act

• Immigration and Refugee Protection Act

• Criminal Code provisions relating to the listing of terrorist entities that are not otherwise captured by the United Nations Al-Qaida and Taliban Regulations and the United Nations Resolutions on the Suppression of Terrorism

We are responsive, accessible, committed to our clients 24/7, and can be reached around the clock to respond to geo-political crises, provide real-time advice on disclosure/reporting requirements, address other compliance issues and provide effective and forceful representation in investigations and enforcement actions.