Canada has enacted legislation, developed initiatives and entered into agreements and conventions with other countries to investigate and prosecute a diverse range of alleged crimes ranging from intellectual property and counterfeiting related offences, to fraud, tax evasion, money laundering, terrorism, and drug offences. The increasing international dimension of criminal investigations is part of the overall trend toward globalization, trade liberalization and is related to the development of technologies that seamlessly operate across borders.

Narwal Litigation LLP has substantial experience litigating cases with international dimensions and has challenged the use of conventional investigative techniques such as wiretapping, undercover operations, and searches of businesses on foreign soil, as well as collection of data from servers based abroad. We stay on the cutting edge of international criminal defence advocacy by continually studying the evolution of international enforcement regimes, the development of investigative techniques and through our experience litigating the issues in court. We also have a wide network of legal professionals and academics based abroad. In addition to criminal defence advocacy, we litigate civil cases with criminal overtones and international dimensions, such as cases involving breaches of contract based on non-compliance of foreign laws or resulting from foreign based criminal convictions.