Joven Narwal To Speak At The 20th Annual Canadian Forum On Anti-money Laundering And Financial Crime

We are delighted to announce that Joven Narwal will be presenting at the 20th Annual Canadian Forum on Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crime, taking place May 4-5, about the impact of sweeping changes occasioned by the bi-partisan passage of the U.S. National Defence Authorization Act, which has established a mandatory register of beneficial ownership for all U.S. corporations and has enhanced the U.S. government’s ability to demand foreign bank records. Mr. Narwal’s presentation will cover the U.S. beneficial ownership registration requirements, the new whistleblower program for AML violations, and the implications for Canadian entities targeted for demands for production and subpoenas. Legal issues that may arise if a subpoena is issued without a corresponding Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty Request will also be covered.

Joven Narwal nominated and acclaimed member of The Executive Committee of the Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia

Joven Narwal was nominated and acclaimed a member of the executive committee of the Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia, an organization with a province-wide membership whose mandate is to support the work of trial lawyers through professional education and advocate for the strengthening or the civil and criminal justice systems by opposing efforts to weaken the rights and protections of litigants in British Columbia.

“Candid, Cooperative, Contrite – and Cautious”, the latest edition of the Narwal Law & Policy Review

We are pleased to announce the latest edition of the Narwal Law & Policy Review which addresses professional discipline, specifically in the context of the legal profession. “Candid, Cooperative, Contrite – and Cautious: A Letter from the Law Society? It’s more serious than ever”, citation: 2020 CanLIIDocs 1911, can be found at this link:!fragment//BQCwhgziBcwMYgK4DsDWszIQewE4BUBTADwBdoByCgSgBpltTCIBFRQ3AT0otokLC4EbDtyp8BQkAGU8pAELcASgFEAMioBqAQQByAYRW1SYAEbRS2ONWpA