Our Client Found Not Guilty of Aggravated Assault After Full Trial in BC Supreme Court

We are delighted to report our victory on behalf of a client who was accused of a serious aggravated assault in Downtown Vancouver that was the subject of much media attention. Our client was found not guilty of the offence after a full trial. In advancing our client’s interests, we also successfully argued in a pre-trial motion that our client’s rights were breached when the Vancouver Police Department obtained information from a database maintained by the BarWatch program without a warrant, which is the first time that this argument had ever been made.

Joven Narwal said after the verdict, “My client and his family are elated and relieved by the not guilty verdict. He had put his absolute faith in the system which has now vindicated and exonerated him with an acquittal. He is hoping to continue his trajectory of success and he and his family are delighted that this ordeal has now ended”.