ACQUITTAL: Our Client Found NOT GUILTY In Massive Conspiracy and Criminal Organization Case

VANCOUVER – As reported by media outlets, Narwal Litigation LLP is pleased to announce the successful defence of our client in one of British Columbia’s largest and most complex drug conspiracy and criminal organization cases. The investigation was conducted over the course of twenty months and involved multiple domestic and foreign based police and intelligence agencies, the wide spread use of electronic surveillance including the interception of private communications, undercover operations, evidence gathered in foreign jurisdictions, and other sophisticated investigative techniques. The trial lasted several months. Despite the lengthy and complex investigation and trial, we were successful in persuading the Court that the evidence was insufficient to convict our client.

Details of Mr. Narwal’s closing submissions in the case were reported by media outlets and are available online.

Following the verdict, Mr. Narwal said his client “had maintained his faith in the system and faith that we would be able to persuade the court that he should be found not guilty. The allegations he faced were of the most serious variety and included the highly stigmatizing branding of a being linked to an alleged criminal organization, none of which the Crown was able to prove against our client. He is thankful for the support of his friends and family and hopes to recover, with their support, from the devastation that was caused by this unsuccessful prosecution.”