We Successfully Defend A Lawyer Accused Of Offering False Testimony

Citation Dismissed: We Successfully Defend A Lawyer Accused Of Offering False Testimony After A Full Hearing Before The Law Society Of British Columbia. Our Client Is Found Not Guilty Of All Counts

In a ruling dated July 19, 2016, we successfully defended al lawyer against allegations of offering false testimony and making a misrepresentation to a peace officer, after a full-hearing before a Law Society of British Columbia hearing panel. The citation was dismissed and our client was found not guilty of all offences.

This was a complex and serious hearing which lasted several days between two years. We fought every issue at the hearing on the merits and made a series of complex legal arguments to ensure that critical deficiencies in the Law Society’s case were brought to light and to demonstrate that the Law Society failed to put forward evidence capable of proving the allegations against our client. The Panel agreed and dismissed all allegations against our client.

We regularly represent professionals facing investigation or prosecution by their regulating body. These situations can be extremely perilous, particularly in light of the consequences that can flow from the adverse finding of a regulatory body against one of its members, including reputational consequences and potential criminal consequences. It is absolutely critical to retain capable counsel early in these matters and our firm is available around the clock to represent clients through these difficult and often complex proceedings.

The name of our client remains confidential, pursuant to Law Society Rules that protect the identity of innocent individuals who have had all allegations against them dismissed.