Nightmare Is Over: Kelowna Man Cleared Of All Charges In High Profile Child Exploitation Case

As reported by local media outlets under the headline “Nightmare Is Over”

KELOWNA – Crown Counsel has quietly terminated the prosecution of our client, Tyler Nowek, who was arrested and charged in April of 2014 with child exploitation related offences.

A preliminary inquiry had been conducted in the fall of 2015 at which our client was only committed for trial for two of the three charges he originally faced. The prosecution was ultimately terminated on July 4, 2016, nearly six months after an application for constitutional relief was filed by his criminal defence lawyer, Joven Narwal, in B.C. Supreme Court alleging that members of the B.C. Integrated Child Exploitation Unit and other investigators had engaged in a serial pattern of disregard for his client’s constitutional rights in the investigation.

Narwal said his “client maintained his innocence throughout these proceedings and he and his family are relieved that this nightmare is finally over. The allegation alone is highly stigmatizing and in the wake of the devastation caused by this unsuccessful prosecution, my client will need to rebuild all that has been lost and come to terms with the fact that many of his dreams and aspirations lay around him scattered and trampled upon. Thankfully he has the support of his family and the many friends who stood by him through this ordeal and he remains optimistic that through their support, he will be able to recuperate from his losses and move forward”.