Joven Narwal Appointed Adjunct Professor at UBC Law School

Vancouver Criminal Defence Lawyer, Joven Narwal, has been appointed an Adjunct Professor at the Universtiy of British Columbia, Faculty of Law, where he will teach a class entitled “White Collar Crime”.

The course will examine common types of commercial and financial crime, including forms of high yield investment fraud, corporate fraud, market manipulation, and trust account misappropriation. The process of investigating, prosecuting and defending these crimes will be examined, alongside the challenges posed by overlapping regulatory, administrative and civil proceedings. Special emphasis will be placed on the application of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to various stages of the proceedings. Administrative disclosure initiatives and compliance programs designed to avoid or reduce the risk of prosecution will also be considered. Students will develop an understanding of the exercise of prosecutorial discretion, applicable Criminal Code offences, sentencing for those offences, the distinction between individual and corporate criminal liability, other federal legislation such as the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act and the criminal enforcement provisions of the Income Tax Act as well as provincial regulatory schemes, primarily the BC Securities Act.